About G50 Masternode


G50 was born out of a desire to create a cryptocurrency that is easy to access, affordable and offer all-in-one solutions for individuals or group of investors in order to deploy, run, manage and monitor their valuable investments. We offer advisory and PoS (Proof of Stake) services for novice and competent investors in the field of cryptocurrency.

G50 is a platform for you to earn passive income with masternodes. Buy a share of a masternode and enjoy daily DASH, PIVX or ZCore rewards direct to your account. G50 takes care of the details. Buy and sell Sharenodes or Instant nodes any time on the “Shared Asset” market. Earning masternode rewards has never been easier or more flexible.

You can own a share or an instant masternode and earn passive income with just few clicks. Income can be reinvested for higher returns.

Why G50?


Deploying, running, managing and monitoring your masternode is simplified so no advanced IT skills are necessary.


You can host your masternode in ,less than a minute and start earning rewards.


We use a cold wallet setup so your private keys or backup phrases remain within your wallet in your supervision and you are always in full control of your digital assets.


Masternodes and returns are visible in real-time. Share with your friends and get referral bonus from their investment.


G50 network is fully transparent, audited by third-party security professionals. We have no hidden fees.


Build a well-rounded portfolio that focuses on the most popular and steady cryptocurrency coins and reduce the impact of market fluctuations.